Gardner Leader is a business and legal firm that has been around for more than 100 years. They take pride in their flexibility to cater to all their client’s problems and aim to come up with the solution that best meets the client’s needs. Gardner Leader is highly selective in their employment process in order to ensure that they hire skilled, approachable individuals, who take real pride in their work. With a high quality team, Gardner Leader can guarantee that their client’s case will be dealt with efficiently and sensitively. From the early stages, Gardner Leader trusted TopSource to manage its monthly £2.8 million UK payroll. TopSource’s ability to provide them with payroll services that are both on time and confidential has played a critical role in contributing to their success today.

Growing Together

Confidentiality and efficiency are the two key components that are essential for businesses in the legal industry. Companies that provide business and legal consulting services must make sure that all parts of their operations are secured before they can provide services. As part of Gardner Leader’s mission to protect their client’s, they have chosen to trust TopSource’s flexible and professional payroll system. Prior to working with TopSource, Gardner Leader processed all of their payrolls in-house. However, a lack of reporting ability and a requirement for confidentiality of the client’s information made it extremely time consuming and expensive to continue operating in this way.

After weighing the positive and negatives of outsourcing, Gardner Leader realized that their current payroll solution was no longer fit for purpose and decided to rely on TopSource. Gardner Leader then decided to rely on the professional team at TopSource to do their payroll for all of their 70 employees. In addition to this, they also trusted our Cloud HR Application, Portico HR, to store their important information. Since then, TopSource has provided weekly service for Gardner Leader and have helped them to achieve a growth rate of nearly 40%.

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