Flexibility and timeliness is essential within the restaurant and pub sector – especially with the fast turnover of staff, daily food and drink deliveries, and the constant financial reporting required. For Peach Pubs, a company with rapid growth plans, outsourcing its payroll and accounting to TopSource was a crucial business decision. Peach Pubs is a unique pub group that started with only one location. Peach needed a partner that was willing to adapt as the business grew. This meant moving processes from in-house to TopSource and back again as needs changed. After 14 years of working together, Peach continues to rely on the adaptability of the TopSource team to serve its needs.

Growth and Development

Peach Pub’s speed of expansion is remarkable. In 2002, the company began with just one pub. However, having found a distinct opportunity to expand, the founders of Peach Pubs wanted to ensure that the operations of the company was ready for their rapid expansion plans. Despite their development plans, the company leadership still believes in operating with a thin back office so that they can spend more time with customers and less crunching data in the central office.

Having done extensive research within the industry, Peach Pubs was able to gain a better understanding of which activities they wanted to accomplish in-house and which to outsource. Peach started by outsourcing its payroll to TopSource and then moved to more complicated accounting services. As the business demands changed, the sophistication of the services had to adapt to new processes and technology. At the same time, Peach has grown its in-house team to retain those “high touch” processes that support its continued growth. Today, TopSource runs a wide array of accounting support processes to ensure the internal Peach team can focus on critical value processes.

Working Together

Throughout the years, Peach Pubs has trusted TopSource to take care of mission critical processes. The success of this teamwork could not have been achieved without their commitment in providing TopSource with the necessary documents in an organized and timely manner. In return, the TopSource specialist team provides Peach with fast and accurate invoice processing, validation, and thorough reporting. This includes validation services for their day-to-day sales as well as supplier reconciliation services. Through this flexible service system, Peach Pubs is able easily maintain control, access real-time information, and focus on the most important areas of its business.

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