The competitive nature of the recruitment sector requires full attention from those operating the business. In order to find room for growth, the operating team must be up to date with current demands plus be both fast paced and detail orientated. With such demanding requirements and tight turnaround times, it is often difficult for recruitment companies to finish their back-office work in a timely manner.

Quadrant Recruitment connects talented people to hospitality and service job opportunities at the most discerning hotels, serviced apartments, restaurants, bars and facilities management companies throughout London. Unlike other recruitment companies, they are solely focused on the hospitality sector which increases the precision of their task.

Quadrant sought to streamline and reduce the costs of managing their timesheet, payroll, and sales invoicing processes. Due to the nature of their client base, almost all employee hours are tracked on paper timesheets at each venue. These timesheets require weekly collection and manual tallying. With their fast rate of growth, Quadrant knew they needed a scalable and cost effective solution to their payroll challenge.

Quadrant’s choice to trust TopSource’s professional payroll team has alleviated the workload and has provided their team with time to focus on higher value processes such as account management and sales. This decision was also cost efficient.

Growth and Development

TopSource has provided payroll services to Quadrant since their founding in 2015. TopSource provides every step in the time/pay/bill process including timesheet processing, employee net pay calculation, e-payslip generation and delivery, client invoice generation and delivery, BACS payment processing, and detailed report generation.

With TopSource’s help, Quadrant has grown dramatically and is a leader in the London hospitality staffing market. By building a long-term relationship with TopSource, Quadrant was able to find a competitive edge for their business.

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