Flexibility and professionalism is essential for a growing business operating in the human resources industry – especially with the rapid turnover of staff, unique client requirements, lack of schedule, and nature of the on-demand speed of service required. For Staff Heroes, a company that relies on technology to provide innovative recruiting services, outsourcing its payroll and accounting to TopSource was a clever decision. By relying on the experienced TopSource team to take care of all their payroll and accounting work, Staff Heroes is able to improve their growing business. Staff Heroes are now able to focus on what matters, such as improving their application and their recruitment process so that they can provide their clients with the best part time employees.

Growth and Development

Staff Heroes’s popularity has grown at an outstanding speed. In a span of less than two years, Staff Heroes has achieved their goal of becoming one of the world’s fastest temporary staffing solutions. Prior to outsourcing to TopSource, Staff Heroes found difficulties in balancing their back office work with the demanding nature of the services they provide to their customers.

Having realized that completing payroll and accounting works in-house was not the most efficient way to manage their business, they sought TopSource’s consulting services for help. By reaching out to TopSource, Staff Heroes was presented with demos and advice and was led back on track. Today, Staff Heroes relies on TopSource to deliver its entire payroll solution. Through the simple division of tasks coupled with integrating the TopSource solution to the automated processes of the Staff Heroes App, TopSource is able to help Staff Heroes achieve their business goals.

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