Currency Euro (€) (EUR)
Payroll Frequency Monthly (paid last day of the month up to the 15th of the following month).
Capital Brussels
Date Format dd/mm/yyyy
VAT 21% rate

Employer of record Services
TopSource offers complete payroll, EOR and contractor management services for Belgium. TopSource provides Employer of Record services to global companies establishing a presence in Belgium that do not wish to be burdened with the complications of Belgium employment regulations.
TopSource serves as an outsourced Global Employment Solutions provider. We provide comprehensive employment services such as payroll, payroll related compliances, leave and attendance administration, HR management, and assistance with employer compliances.
If you have an established presence in Belgium, our payroll bureau services are available. But if you are seeking to avoid the complications of a subsidiary—or wish to establish a presence quickly an convert to a subsidiary later—our EOR service is ready to support you today.

Services we offer

Payroll Processing
• Payroll bureau solutions for your Belgium entity
• Employment solutions/leasing • Providing documents associated with employment
• Employee on-boarding process and documentation • Monthly salary calculation
• Salary disbursement to employee’s account • Pay slip generation (If applicable)
• Employee statutory benefits administration and deduction
Supplementary services
• Foreign exchange and money transfer services for payment of employees and 3rd parties

Company formation in Belgium
We can help with company registration, company incorporation along with all the necessary documentation in Belgium. We can also assist foreign companies to smoothly setup a company anywhere in Belgium.

Statutory Compliances
We offer high-quality corporate statutory compliance services in Belgium. Our services meet highest standards and meet all your compliance requirements.

  • Minimum Wage

    1562.59 EUR/monthly

  • Taxes
    8.86% – Pension 3.80% – Health Care Insurance
    2.35% – Sickness – Insurance 1.46% – Unemployment
    1.00% – Occupational Disease 0.30% – Accident at work
    8% – Pension 3.55% – Health Care Insurance
    1.15% – Sickness – Insurance 0.87% – Unemployment
    25% – Until 12,990 40% – 12,990.01 – 22,290
    45% – 22,290.01 – 39,660 50% – Over 39,660
About Employment in Belgium

Working Hours

Full time employment is considered 39 hours weekly, however most collective agreements call for between 35 – 38 hours.
Overtime cannot exceed 11 hours daily, and 50 hours weekly. Payment is provided at 150% of regular wages during the week, and 200% for hours worked Sunday and public holidays.

Vacation Days /Sick days

Employees are entitled to 20 days if they work 5 days a week and 24 days for employees working 6 days a week.
Employees are entitled to 30 days of regularly paid wages in the case of sickness or injury.

Maternity Leave

Pregnant women can’t do overtime. Post-natal leave is required to be 9 weeks, with no exceptions. 15 weeks maternity leave, receiving benefits equivalent to 80 percent of your salary for the first 30 days and 75 percent for the remainder.

Paternity Leave

Men are entitled to 10 days paternity leave, 7 of these are paid at 82%.

Pension Fund / Social Security

Pension Fund: Contributions are percentages basing from workers annual gross salary. No ceilings apply. Employer contribution: 8.86% Employee contribution: 7.5%
Social Security: The employee pays a proportion of their gross salary in social security contributions. The employer will also pay an amount on top of the salary they pay the employee. This fund is then used to pay social security. Contributions are percentages basing from workers annual gross salary. No ceilings apply.
Employer: 24%
Employee: 13.7%
*Additional employer contributions can equal to 40.67% dependent on industry, salary, and number of employees.
13th Salary: It is common for employers to pay a 13th salary at the end of the year, this is not compulsory.


An employee on a fixed contract must be issued written notice indicating the start date and duration of the notice period, it is also possible to not issue a notice and instead pay the employee a one-time amount they would have earned in said notice period. An open ended employment contract can be terminated at any time.
Both the employer and the dismissed worker have to choose between the notice period during which the employment contract is still running and the severance pay by stopping the contract immediately.
Severance pay is only due if notice is not sufficient, when this is the case severance pay is equivalent to the wage and benefits multiplied by the duration of the notice period that should have been notified.
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