Currency Euro
Payroll Frequency Monthly
Capital Athens
Date Format dd/mm/yyyy
VAT 24% standard rate

Employer of record Services
TopSource offers complete payroll, EOR and contractor management services for Greece. TopSource provides Employer of Record services to global companies establishing a presence in Greece that do not wish to be burdened with the complications of Greece employment regulations.
TopSource serves as an outsourced Global Employment Solutions provider. We provide comprehensive employment services such as payroll, payroll related compliances, leave and attendance administration, HR management, and assistance with employer compliances.
If you have an established presence in Greece, our payroll bureau services are available. But if you are seeking to avoid the complications of a subsidiary—or wish to establish a presence quickly an convert to a subsidiary later—our EOR service is ready to support you today.

Services we offer

Payroll Processing
• Payroll bureau solutions for your Greece entity
• Employment solutions/leasing • Providing documents associated with employment
• Employee on-boarding process and documentation • Monthly salary calculation
• Salary disbursement to employee’s account • Pay slip generation (If applicable)
• Employee statutory benefits administration and deduction
Supplementary services
• Foreign exchange and money transfer services for payment of employees and 3rd parties

Company formation in Greece
We can help with company registration, company incorporation along with all the necessary documentation in Greece. We can also assist foreign companies to smoothly setup a company anywhere in Greece.

Statutory Compliances
We offer high-quality corporate statutory compliance services in Greece. Our services meet highest standards and meet all your compliance requirements.

  • Minimum Wage

    The gross monthly minimum wage is 758.33 EUR.

  • Taxes
    Pension Fund 13.33%
    Health Care 4.55%
    Social Security 25.06%
    Social Security 16.00%
    Pension Fund 6.67%
    Health Care 2.55%
    0 – 20,0000 22.00%
    20,000 – 30,000 29.00%
    30,000 – 40,000 37.00%
    Over 40,000 45.00%
About Employment in Greece

Working Hours/Overtime

Full Time employment is considered 40 hours weekly, and 8 hours daily.
Overtime- When paying overtime the pay will increase in relation to the extra hours worked, the more hours worked the higher the pay.

Social Security

Employers contribute 25.06% of workers’ wages, and employees contribute 16% of their wages.

Pension Fund

Employees contribute 6.67% of their salaries (with ceiling of 5,543.55 EUR), and employers contribute 13.33% of workers’ wages.

Other Leave

Leave due to sickness of a family member: 6 days within a calendar year (8 days for 2 kids, and 14 days for 3 or more).

Paternity Leave/Parental Leave

Paternity Leave– Fathers are permitted 2 days of after the birth of their child.
Parental Leave– Also known as “child raising leave”, parents are entitled to unpaid leave of 3.5 months until the child reaches 3.5 years old.

Maternity Leave

Women are entitled to 17 weeks of maternity leave (generally, 8 weeks before the birth and 9 weeks after)


Every employer must provide a valid reason when terminating an employee, if they do not provide one the termination is considered invalid. In addition, the employee can contest and even reverse the termination and the burden of proof lies upon the employer.

Notice Period– If the employment relationship is based on a fixed term contract, it can be terminated immediately without notice by either the employee or employer. However, a reason (i.e. breach of contract, failure to comply with the terms of the contract, etc.) is given. If no reason is given, the employee is able to make claim in court and is able to receive compensation for the wages that would have been received until the contract expiry date.

If the employment contract is for an indefinite period, the length of the notice period depends on the length that the employee has been employed:

Number of years employed

Length of Notice Period

1-2 years

1 month

2-5 years

2 months

5-10 years

3 months

10+ years

4 months

Severance Pay

Severance pay varies depending on the length of the employment and if the notice period has been complied with:

Duration of employment

If notice period was given

If notice period was not given

Less than 1 year


1 month

1-4 years

One month

2 months

4-6 years

1.5 months

3 months

6-8 years

2 months

4 months

8-10 years

2.5 months

5 months

10-11 years

3 months

6 months

11-12 years

3.5 months

7 months

12-13 years

4 months

8 months

13-14 years

4.5 months

9 months

14-15 years

5 months

10 months

15-16 years

5.5 months

11 months

16+ years

6 months

12 months

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