Currency Euro (€) (EUR)
Payroll Frequency monthly/ 27th of the month
Capital Rome
Date Format dd/mm/yyyy
VAT 22% standard rate

Employer of record Services
TopSource offers complete payroll, EOR and contractor management services for Italy. TopSource provides Employer of Record services to global companies establishing a presence in Italy that do not wish to be burdened with the complications of Italy employment regulations.
TopSource serves as an outsourced Global Employment Solutions provider. We provide comprehensive employment services such as payroll, payroll related compliances, leave and attendance administration, HR management, and assistance with employer compliances.
If you have an established presence in Italy, our payroll bureau services are available. But if you are seeking to avoid the complications of a subsidiary—or wish to establish a presence quickly an convert to a subsidiary later—our EOR service is ready to support you today.

Services we offer

Payroll Processing
• Payroll bureau solutions for your Italian entity
• Employment solutions/leasing • Providing documents associated with employment
• Employee on-boarding process and documentation • Monthly salary calculation
• Salary disbursement to employee’s account • Pay slip generation (If applicable)
• Employee statutory benefits administration and deduction
Supplementary services
• Foreign exchange and money transfer services for payment of employees and 3rd parties

Company formation in Italy
We can help with company registration, company incorporation along with all the necessary documentation in Italy. We can also assist foreign companies to smoothly setup a company anywhere in Italy.

Statutory Compliances
We offer high-quality corporate statutory compliance services in Italy. Our services meet highest standards and meet all your compliance requirements.

  • Minimum Wage

    There is no national minimum wage.

  • Taxes
    Up to 32% – Social Security
    Up to 10.48% – Social Security 0.00% – Up to 15,000
    27.00% – 15,000 – 28,000 38.00% – 28,000 – 55,000
    41.00% – 55,000 – 75,000 43.00% – Over 75,000
About Employment in Italy

Working Hours

Full time employment is considered 40 hours weekly, or 8 hours a day. Overtime is limited to 2 hours a day and must be approved by the company.

Vacation Days

According to the CBA Globalization Partners is operating under in Italy, employees are granted 26 days of vacation.

Maternity Leave

Female employees are entitled to maternity leave for two months prior to and three months following the expected date of childbirth. Throughout the maternity leave, a daily allowance is granted equal to 80% of the last salary paid through the social security system (INPS).

Paternity Leave

If the mother does not take maternity leave (due to death, infirmity, or the father having exclusive custody), the father is entitled to three months’ paternity leave after the birth of the child. These rules also apply if the mother is self-employed.

Sick days

Under Italy’s labour law, employees are entitled to paid leave of three working days per year in the event of a serious illness (subject to a doctor’s notice) or death of their spouse or second degree relative. Arrangements may be agreed to with the employer in the event of a severe illness. Continuous or discontinuous leave of up to two years may be allowed for serious, documented family reasons.

Parental Leave

Additional parental leave (up to six months) can be used until the child is 12 years old. Both parents can take such a parental leave up to a total of 10 months (11 if the father takes at least three months.
Full time hours are decided in the collective agreement, however never exceed 40 weekly. Overtime is considered any weekly hours over 40. Work of over 48 hours in a week must be authorized by the Department of Labour.

Pension/Social Security

Quadri & Impiegati Employees have the possibility to join the complementary pension fund Fon.te. The optional employee contribution of 0,55% will be matched by an additional employer contribution of 1,55%. Dirigenti (Managers) the NCA grants private pension benefits through the funds Mario Negri.
Employers contribute 29%-32% of workers’ wages, and employees contribute 9.19% – 10.48% of their salary. Contributions are used towards funds for unemployment, sickness, maternity, temporary employment compensation, social mobility and other minor funds.

Termination/ Severance

Notice periods are decided upon in the collective agreement – however the notice periods are dependent on the cause for termination.
The employer must pay severance pay (trattamento di fine rapporto (TFR)) in all cases, even if there is a resignation or just cause for dismissal. The amount payable is equal to the sum of each annual salary divided by 13.5
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