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If you need to move quickly or with minimal headaches, an Employer on Record solution may be best for you. We offer EOR services across the globe. Your targeted employees get to work immediately, and you get your business moving.

No business entity needed. No complexity with local compliance.

Our Employee on Record Solutions provide a fully compliant Employer or Record (EOR) service. Commonly referred to as Global Employment Solutions which includes Temporary and Contract staffing, Client Payrolled Employees (CPE) or Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) Services, our EOR Solutions will help you rapidly set-up your operation and will allow you to concentrate on growing your business.

Staffing Solutions

Our Global Employer Organisation take care of the entire employment relationship along with all social security costs, social benefits and statutory rights afforded to the employee, enabling organisations to concentrate on their core business.

Unlike most operators, where we have a presence, we will be your Employer of Record. In all other markets, our vetted partners will deliver the service. One central contract and one vendor for you to work with.

Key advantages of TopSource Global Employment Solutions

  • Complete freedom from the burden of employment administration
  • Payroll and payroll related compliances managed by experts
  • Access to a best-practices in compensation structure and employee engagement policies
  • Employee Self Service platform on Portico™ – our own cloud based HR Software, to access payslips, tax reports and other important HR information
  • Improved employment practices, compliance, and risk management to reduce employer liabilities

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