Why you should outsource your Global Payroll

Global expansion usually leads to the need for Global Payroll. There are many reasons why an organisation would want to outsource this part of their business including compliance, cost effectiveness and administration. Compliance is usually the number one reason why organisations outsource their Global Payroll but often organisations will not take the leap to outsource unless they also see the … Read More

TopSource IndiaWhy you should outsource your Global Payroll

2020 Global Payroll & HR trends

HR managers, global payroll professionals, professional employer organisations (PEO), employers of record (EOR) and their teams are well aware of the challenges a rapidly growing, multi-region workforce presents. Finding the right international candidate in a foreign market. Updating PTO policies across different languages and platforms. Navigating employee data privacy legislation around the world. These are just a few examples of … Read More

TopSource India2020 Global Payroll & HR trends